Friday, July 6, 2012

Nigel Lurch, Anarchist

by Jeff Bain
published 2012 (kindle edition)

This book was a surprising find that I enjoyed greatly. It's a third person comic novel about a young British anarchist in the 1980s. Nigel studies electrical engineering in the Midlands but dreams of starting a revolution somehow. With his friend Dave Swivel they plot to blow to something up, but they're not really sure what to target.

I really liked this but it felt a little bit unfinished. The narrative keeps building up and then disappearing before the climax. For a while it seems like we're heading into "conscious-stricken bomber" territory - think "Four Lions" and "Love & Anarchy" - but this is more like Adrian Mole. There's a lot of description, which although entertaining, isn't always necessary to the story. It feels like the book is based closely on personal experiences, including the bomb building scenes!

Unfortunately the book still has a lot of copy errors. There's a lot of erroneous words, as if the manuscript was put through a spellcheck and nothing further.

My favourite parts were the sections set in the Midlands. A good read, highly original, guaranteed to make you laugh.

PS: I'm still not sure what's happening on the cover.

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