Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love Is Not Constantly Wondering If You Are Making The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life

By Anonymous
Perfect Day Publishing 2012

I picked this up in Polyester a few days ago. It looks great, and if it wasn't so fresh it would probably pass off as one of the original Choose Your Own Adventure books. Inside however, it's a rather more straight-forward narrative structure. The "turn to page" options and the pictures are incorporated only so far as to give the book an abstract feeling and a curious aesthetic.

The book traces the relationship between the unnamed narrator and his alcoholic girlfriend Anne. It's told in second person and appears to be a true story. Why the narrator sticks with Anne for multiple years is not entirely explained, but she does get into some wild, life-affirming adventures. She is repeatedly arrested and pulls off a few stunts that would put Shane McGowan to shame. Meanwhile however, the illustrations and page-turning options are completely unrelated. They instead refer to a space fighter who is trapped on a planet ruled by giant ants.

This was a fun quick read but I wasn't sure whether the Chose Your Own presentation was really the right way to do this one. It's a bit like there's two different ideas here, neither of which have been thoroughly pursued. I hope someone picks up the ball and produces a real, fully functional Chose Your Own Adventure book (with optional drunk girls).

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