Wednesday, January 15, 2014


by Stephen Moles
Philistine Press 2013 

This novella smacks you in the face with a truly radical literary style. It's strongly reminiscent of dada or surrealism, or maybe "cut and paste". The descriptive sentences are warped and twisted to the point where they feel as though they've been generated randomly by a computer program (and they may well have been). However there's enough narrative to keep you ploughing through the paragraphs of insanity - I'd describe the narrative as contemporary, sexy and existential.

Here's an exemplary sentence if you weren't feeling curious already: "I explained that having no clothes put me in a hot butter tray, but she gripped me by the wrists and became extremely old."

Real amazing writing. And it's free.

PS: I truly have no idea what the cover is supposed to show. It strikes me as a dead Irish famous person from around about a century ago. But that would have nothing to do with the novel so I'm probably incorrect. Maybe it's meant to be quixotic?

PPS: I just discovered the author's blog which resolves some of the enigmas. But I recommend you read it first with the enigmas in place.

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