pred.txt online

Pred.txt is the actual web log of Michael "Predator" Carlton - biochemist, media pirate and drain expert. It's a story of hard science, tough relationships, radical thinking and life in Sydney. It's also the diary of a young man dying of cancer. RIP Predator. 

ebook versions of pred.txt are available via the following link (mobi, epub, pdf):

You can find the pred.txt pdf of the original book here:

The original book contains the blog as well as the collected rants: Approach.txt (about drain exploration),  Paradigm.txt (the nature of life and informational reality), Realcrack.htm (reality cracking), Pestlock.txt (why pesticides suck) and Mol.html (thoughts on molecular genetics). There's also a couple of photos and diagrams.

The blog is also hosted here (and this is perhaps how the blog would have originally looked):