the unaustralians (free ebook)

Maxine is Mad. Her best friend is dead and she blames Australia. That's right - the whole country! She grabs her boyfriend Henry and hits the road, looking for meaning, kicks and vengeance. Their quest leads them into a frightening world of activists, breatharians, eclipse chasers and techno freaks. They trip through Newcastle, Sydney and even the scariest place of all - Canberra. But they will never give up. They are THE UNAUSTRALIANS.

Approximately 47 000 words.

You can now get the Unaustralians for free in just about any conceivable format. Go to smashwords:

Or you can grab it from the link below in a pack with epub, mobi and pdf formats. Smashwords does a pdf conversion too, but it's way too large to read comfortably on a smaller tablet or ipad. This pdf is your best option if you're using one of those devices without a software e-reader.

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